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Marcie Mitton

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It's time to treat yourself to a healthy and beautiful smile

Confidence Starts With


Confidence Starts With


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3- 20 minutes sessions


Bring a friend

$170 each

Family Discount

(4 or more people booked 2 at a time)

$150 each

*We accept cash, cards and most HSA cards

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  • Insert retractor and apply vitamin E to your lips and gums. Apply whitening to teeth.
  • Sit back and relax for 20 minutes under the LED light.
  • Rinse gel off and repeat the process. We do 3-20 minute sessions at the same appointment.

What to Expect

Text 435-730-6221

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who we are

We each have unique gifts to share but often lack the confidence to do so. Your smile is one the first things someone notices. Let's boost your confidence and brighten that smile.

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I have been to several professionals to have my teeth whitened over the years without having super great results. I have purchased expensive in home solutions that haven’t worked very well either. I found Marcie on Instagram and decided to give her a try. I had a great experience and great results. Thank you Marcie!

-Nicholas G.

My mom and I had our teeth whitened and we are very happy with our results! The process was very fun, comfortable, and relaxing. Marcie was so kind and fun and presented a very professional experience.

-Dakota and Mandy

My family has had nothing but amazing experiences with Marcie! Not only is she so sweet and fun, she takes good care of you throughout the whitening process. I love that my teeth are not sensitive after the session! Such great results that last!

-Erin M

Ever since high school I’ve been super insecure about my teeth, if they looked yellow, or how they looked compared to other peoples. I used to edit my teeth in pictures to look whiter before I’d post them, but immediately after getting my teeth whitened with Marcie I felt so much more confident in my smile! Such a big difference, and now I’m smiling more than ever!

-Emma H

Before ~ After

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I have sensitivity:

Most have little to no sensitivity. If there is sensitivity it is usually gone within 24 hours.

How long will it last?

6-12 months depending on genetics and lifestyle.

When will I notice a difference?

NO waiting! results are immediate.


Plant based, food grade ingredients; enamel safe; 90 min appointments

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